Days until IT Professionals Day 2016:

IT Professionals Day, taking place again on September 20, 2016, honors all IT professionals, the unsung heroes of modern business. Read more about IT Professionals Day

IT Pro Day 2015

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What would the world look like without IT pros?

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We all know that IT pros make the modern world go round, but what would happen if we woke up one morning and all IT professionals had disappeared? Would the Y2K-end-of-the-world scenario actually take place and total anarchy ensue? We asked a group of IT professionals this question, and this is what they had to say.

Happy IT Professionals Day

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IT Professionals day. It’s about damn time.
Though we IT pros appreciate growing interest by technology laypeople, it’s sometimes difficult to explain to outsiders that our careers are truly a calling. We’re not lucky tinkerers who just happen to know how to untangle Windows or tickle CLIs until our networks hum harmoniously.

Ways to say “thanks” on IT Professionals Day

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If you’re an end user or business leader, you know that IT pros wait on us hand and foot every day, so on the inaugural IT Professionals Day this September 15, let’s honor these unsung heroes of modern business by reversing roles a bit by treating them like IT royalty.