A salute to ALL the unsung professionals of IT

Waffles get a holiday. Presidents get holidays. Groundhog? Holiday. Even awkward moments get their own day. So why did it take so long for all the hard-working IT pros out there, who universally deserve recognition, to get a holiday of their own? We know, it’s confounding. Thankfully people came to their senses in 2015, which is when all IT pros were officially bestowed their very own holiday. Yup, IT Professionals Day is a yearly thing now and going strong—celebrated every third Tuesday of September.

Have you ever considered everything that IT professionals do for the world each day? It might actually take days to do that. Bottom line, not a minute goes by that businesses and end-users don’t benefit from the contributions of IT professionals. As a global tribe of dedicated technology experts including system administrators, network engineers, database administrators, information security professionals, developers, IT support technicians, and scores of other IT-related roles, this diverse group of experts collectively play a role in moving technology forward and helping businesses succeed like no other occupation out there.

They’re not just great at their jobs, keeping us all connected and productive, but they’re unique and fascinating individuals, and this is the day to celebrate everything about them. So, join in this epic day of epic-ness and thank those who do the extraordinary every day!

Welcome to IT Pro Day.