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Every day you take one for the team. Now it’s time to take one WITH the team. Behind every successful IT pro is at least three others holding up bunny ears, so assemble your IT crowd for a memorable photo op. With a little help from your friends, you’ll have the chance to win some generous gift cards and other fabulous prizes in our annual IT Pro Day contest.


One lucky IT dream team will win a $1000 gift card to put towards an IT Pro Day celebration. The community will vote for the top 10 submissions. Out of those top 10, a panel of Head Geek Judges will select the grand prize winner.

  1. Take a creative picture of your IT team
  2. Sign-up for thwack here
  3. Go here to submit your photo
  4. There is no submission limit – the more you submit, the better your chances of winning!
  5. Each photo must be submitted separately.
  6. Once you’ve successfully created your submission, it is now open for the public to vote on
  7. In light of good sportsmanship, there is no down voting. Only place a vote for those who deserve a thumbs up. This is an appreciation contest, after all. Those who do not follow this rule will be penalized.
  8. Submissions are being accepted and voting is open from September 8 @ 8am CDT until September 15th @ 12pm CDT.
  9. The Grand Prize Winner of a $1000 gift card will be announced on September 15th – IT Pro Day!


  1. Take a creative picture of your IT team
  2. Post your photo on Twitter from September 8th through September 15th.
  3. You must use the hashtag #ITProDay and tag @solarwinds to be entered to win.
  4. The winner of a $25 gift card will be announced daily!


Read full contest rules.