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IT Pro Day honors the always-on tech pros for all they do!

It’s easy to overlook the skilled and dedicated IT professionals behind the technologies which power our modern world. IT Pro Day recognizes the critical role IT pros play in managing and maintaining the essential systems and applications powering our digital experiences. Join us this IT Pro Day in honoring and recognizing IT pros everywhere.

In our new hybrid work environments, dependency upon IT teams has become increasingly significant. Every day IT pros are called upon to overcome a myriad of new challenges so we can do our jobs and organizations can function smoothly. IT Pro Day is celebrated on the third Tuesday of each September and was established in 2015 to honor the IT pros who do the critical but often unseen work to keep our networks and applications running.

Show your appreciation by recognizing IT pros on their special day. Tag an IT pro on your favorite social media channel and share a few words of gratitude (#ITProDay). Pick up some sweet treats, pizza, or other gifts to share with your IT pros in celebration of their hard work and dedication. Or simply thank them for all the things they do for you and the business.