Happy IT Professionals Day 2015

By September 15, 2015 IT Pros One Comment

September 15, 2015

IT Professionals day. It’s about damn time.

Though we IT pros appreciate growing interest by technology laypeople, it’s sometimes difficult to explain to outsiders that our careers are truly a calling. We’re not lucky tinkerers who just happen to know how to untangle Windows or tickle CLIs until our networks hum harmoniously. We’re dedicated, thoughtful, happy with our facility to business and above all professional.

We do this not just because we like technology—it’s because we want everyone to like technology as much as we do. We achieve that by showing others how technology allows them to achieve their business and life goals.

In response, some may call us the heroes of modern business, but we don’t usually think of ourselves that way. Sure, we may consider ourselves a little heroic at times—think of the last time a user flipped out when they forgot backups until their hard drive croaked and you were there to recover from the network just before the Big Presentation, or when you got all the crazy new services marketing needed online in a week so they could meet their impossible new goals identified late in the quarter. But we’re usually happy just being Clark Kent.

That doesn’t mean we don’t respond well to a little patting now and then. So let this then be our day, our IT Professionals day.

And if you’re one of the billions who depend on an IT pro to do your work or enhance your free time, today, go shake a hand, raise a glass or at least bro-nod to let them know they’re awesome. It might even accelerate your helpdesk ticket.

Happy IT Professionals Day from one IT pro to another, and from SolarWinds to all!

Patrick Hubbard, Head Geek, SolarWinds