IT Pros: Heroes of the Modern Corporate Enterprise

By September 18, 2017 IT Pros No Comments

September 18, 2017

Hero. Pioneer. Explorer. The unsung heroes of the modern corporate enterprise… or are they? This Tuesday, September 19, IT Pros everywhere will not go underappreciated, but rather heralded and regarded for fearlessly and tirelessly protecting the technologically-challenged citizens of the corporate world – the end-user who needs help getting access to their computer (try turning off caps lock first), the senior executives who need training on new platforms, or the new intern who can’t manage to fix the printer. IT pros do it all!

Created by SolarWinds IT professionals for IT professionals everywhere, IT Pro Day is the day we remember and appreciate those who extend beyond the call of duty.

A new survey explored the daily lives of IT professionals, revealing their tendency to donate time for education and problem-solving for end-users and spend countless hours texting with their monitoring systems. But despite long hours and security threats that keep them up at night, IT professionals overwhelmingly agreed that they continue to tackle all of this and more, day and night, because they love their jobs. On this third annual IT Professionals Day, these results emphasize the need for greater appreciation towards IT professionals and the critical role they play not only in modern business, but in the lives of nearly all technology end-users. A comprehensive look at the findings show that IT professionals:

  • Extend beyond the call of duty to solve end-user and business problems.
    • IT pros spend just over two-thirds of their time (65%) actually managing IT and IT-related services. What are they doing with the rest?
      • Educating business leaders and end-users about IT/technology (18%)
      • Fixing office equipment that is NOT related to IT (9%)
      • Performing admin duties unrelated to IT (8%)
  • Dedicate most of their problem-solving to senior executives.
    • Of the 65% of time IT professionals spend on core IT responsibilities, nearly half of that time (47%) is dedicated to resolving technology issues from senior executives/chief officers.
  • At times, communicate with technology more than humans…
    • In any given week, nearly one-third of IT pros surveyed spend more time communicating with their IT monitoring systems than people close to them. 30% say they receive even more texts from their IT monitoring systems (for example, system alerts) each week than they do from their friends/family/loved ones.
  • … but want to connect on social media.
    • LinkedIn is the preferred method to network and connect with peers, according to 57% of IT pros surveyed.
  • Don’t fear the machine.
    • Despite industry hype that AI and machine learning are threatening their jobs, IT pros’ greatest concern is keeping their organizations secure: 89% of IT professionals most fear a security breach. Just 9% fear AI will take their jobs.
  • Want you to ask for help!
    • One-fourth of IT professionals agree that half of the time, end-users who try to solve their own IT problems ultimately make things worse.
  • Chronically overwork, but still love being an IT professional.
    • 91% of IT pros surveyed work overtime hours—and of those, 57% do so with no compensation for working overtime.
    • 94% of IT pros surveyed enjoy being an IT pro, and over half of all IT pros love what they do.

This IT Pro Day, think about all the ways IT affects your work life and personal life, and take a moment to thank the IT pros who make it all possible.