Now Deep Thoughts with Dez on IT Pro Day

By September 18, 2017 IT Pros No Comments

September 18, 2017

Tomorrow we celebrate IT Pro Day! Boy, I sure do appreciate this day. SolarWinds has given me the opportunity to fully spread my IT wings, and on the eve of one of my favorite holidays I find myself reflecting on the changes that I’ve made since joining the team. In IT, there’s a journey for everyone, and I think that’s something we should recognize. We have been called to follow our curiosity about and passion for technology and the advancements it presents.

My curiosity defines who I am internally and externally with my IT pro friends. The question that has helped guide my life has always been, “Destiny, what is your passion in life and what can you do today to achieve it?”

I was asked this very question when I was 25 years old, sitting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on my first day at SolarWinds. Suddenly, all of my past decisions flooded my mind. I felt like I couldn’t answer this question, let alone say the right thing to my new boss in that moment. I froze, then I looked at him and said, “I’m going to invest in my passion for education within technology today!”

Ever since that day, that question, and that unforgettable moment, education has been my personal foundational goal. I love earning degrees and certifications. Being a SolarWinds Head Geek allows me to learn from and engage with like-minded peers who teach me something new every day. This organization and my role in it pushes me to soar high, to reach ever further to attain my personal and professional goals. I am my best when I’m surrounded by supportive people. It keeps me honest, because I never want to let my SolarWinds family down.

If you are not already aware, Girls in Tech (GIT) is a foundational staple that women in IT should know about and support. We can all reach out a helping hand to assist women who are seeking to further their professional goals, and GIT makes that easy by offering structured guidance to help women soar. GIT brings women together with facilitated learning and skill-building programs within STEM, which you all know I love and support.

In honor of IT Pro Day, SolarWinds is proudly donating funds to GIT to help support their vision of inspiring women of all ages across the globe.

IT professionals everywhere, I salute you and would love to have a conversation with any of you at any time. The comradery of everyone working together and helping each other – no matter your gender – is something I see and am grateful for every day. For me, IT Pro Day is a time to celebrate the fact that I get paid to follow my passion, and to honor the fact that I get to call myself an IT pro.

Destiny Bertucci, Head Geek, SolarWinds