The Second Annual IT Professionals Day: IT is Everywhere

By August 31, 2016 IT Pros No Comments

August 31, 2016

With September upon us, it can only mean one thing. Well, OK, it could mean a lot of things, but it only means one really important thing—the second annual IT Professionals Day is just around the corner, of course. Mark your calendar for September 20!

In case you’re unfamiliar, IT Professionals Day is the day to celebrate all IT professionals regardless of specific discipline. If you’re a storage admin, this is your day. If you’re a network engineer, this is your day. If you’re a DBA, this is your day. If you’re a do-it-all DevOps ninja with one foot in your data center, another in a remote office and your head in the cloud who also protects your infrastructure from dastardly villains, you guessed it, this is your day.

And if you’re not an IT professional, but are reading this, it means you’re likely one of the enlightened technology end users or business leaders who understand just how immense a role IT professionals play in the world nowadays. Think about it—almost everything anyone does today—especially at work, but in personal lives as well—involves technology, and it’s IT professionals behind that technology making it all possible.

The reality is that today, IT is everywhere, which is the theme of this year’s holiday. It’s true not just because corporate-connected smartphones, tablets and laptops tag along nearly everywhere, but because even personal devices in the workplace often fall under the care of the world’s venerable IT professionals, too. Speaking of caring for technology outside IT professionals’ traditional scope of control, now, with hybrid IT on the rise, IT professionals are even responsible for the performance of services provided by third-party cloud vendors.

And that really just scratches the surface of what “IT professional” means today. With this in mind, a single day to honor the role of IT professional is clearly not enough, but it’s a start.

Stay tuned to over the coming weeks as fun, exciting and interesting site updates, videos, infographics and other things—including new survey results from SolarWinds on the expanding borders of IT—are added.