The heroes of modern business

By August 25, 2015 IT Pros No Comments

August 25, 2015

You are a lean, mean VM sprawl fighting machine.

You eat network config errors for breakfast.

You laugh in the face of slow SQL queries.

You…are an IT pro.

And as an IT pro, you bring a tremendous amount of value to your employer. Not only do you battle printers big and small, smite network performance issues like the filth they are and conquer ID10T errors all day long, but you alone are uniquely positioned to take the company to new heights riding on the back of peak performing technology.

Yes, you are the hero of modern business. But are you the unsung hero?

That is what SolarWinds wanted to find out, and by so doing demonstrate the why behind IT Professionals Day, the holiday to celebrate all IT pros.

To do so, the company carried out a series of two brief studies—it’s IT Pro Value Surveys—done in connection to IT Professionals Day. Their purpose was two-fold: First, explore business end users’ attitudes and opinions about IT pros and the technology you support to underscore your high value; and second, showcase a general feeling of being undervalued among IT pros to highlight the opportunity for business leaders and end users to show greater appreciation.

Without further ado, here are some of the most compelling findings:

IT Pro Value Survey: The Global End User’s Perspective

  • Most end users (64 percent) agree that IT has a greater impact on their daily work lives than the C-suite.
  • Nearly three-quarters of end users (70 percent) place greater importance on the technology supported by IT professionals in the workplace—such as phones, computers and software—than they do on personnel.
  • Nearly three-fourths of end users (70 percent) also indicate work productivity is lost without the technology supported by IT professionals, with one-third (32 percent) saying one day’s work would take an additional business day or longer to complete without said technology and 13 percent saying it would not at all be possible to carry out their daily work without it.

IT Pro Value Survey: The Global IT Professional’s Perspective

  • Three out of five IT professionals (62 percent) feel at most moderately valued by their employer for their unique contribution to business, with more than one-quarter (27 percent) feeling only slightly to not at all valued.
  • Four out of five IT professionals (83 percent) feel they are worth more than they are currently compensated, with one-third (35 percent) saying they feel worth at least 21 percent more.
  • The majority of IT professionals (61 percent) are concerned about job security, with almost half (42 percent) suggesting company leadership not understanding the importance of IT as a key reason why.

The results speak for themselves. So, here’s to you, the heroes of modern business. May IT Professionals Day help you feel a lot less unsung.

And if you’re reading this, but aren’t an IT pro, the next time you see one of your company’s IT pros at the water cooler, please at least reach out to say happy IT Professionals Day and thanks for the hard work they do to keep you connected and productive.