What is IT Professionals Day?

May 23, 2015

If you’re an IT pro, this is your day

Not a day goes by that businesses and end-users don’t benefit from your contributions to all things IT. When you are not acting as the driving force behind innovation and business IT strategies, you are probably rescuing Web servers from burning buildings. Because of you, businesses are energized and end-users are more productive.

That’s why the third Tuesday in September is officially established as International IT Professionals Day! Every year, technology users of the world will unite in bestowing long-overdue accolades to you colossal curators of computer technology who make our work lives a whole lot easier. As part of a legion of dedicated tech experts—not only system administrators, but network engineers, database administrators, information security professionals, developers, IT support technicians and all other professionals serving in IT-related roles—you spend your days fused to your laptops and mobile devices leading the charge for technology and innovation. Without you, work would be, well…, much more work.

Offering a mere Day-of-Observance for your commitment to keeping business technology in the fast lane has all the charm and generosity of a juice box. No, you deserve superhero-caliber accolades, or at the very least, a knighthood. We want to make IT Pro Day a memorable event. Come participate in all the fun we have in store, including contests, awesome prizes, freebies, tribute videos, and more!

This is your day, and we plan to make it worth your while. We invite you to emerge from your cloak of the unsung hero and bask in some well-deserved fun and frivolity. Happy IT Pro Day!